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Summer Home Prep Made Easy

Summertime is just around the corner! Whether you’re planning backyard barbecues, lounging in the sun or staying cool indoors, a little proactive summer home preparation can go a long way in ensuring your abode is ready for the season.


Rejuvenate Your Home Exterior

Tackle your outdoor space by giving your patio or deck a good scrub or sweep, clearing any weather debris. Then, look at your furniture and freshen it up by incorporating patio umbrellas to add a touch of shade for when the sun’s heat is too much. Also, don’t forget to give your grill some attention – from checking the ignition, propane tank, charcoal basin or your stock supply, you’ll want to make sure everything is up and running for food, fun and fresh air. Lastly, set the ambiance and add strategically placed lights for evening get-togethers.

Beat the Summer Heat Indoors

As temperatures rise, keeping your home regulated is a top priority. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-placed ceiling fan – consider installing one in your main living space to circulate air and create a breeze. Additionally, a programmable thermostat can help regulate the temperature indoors. You could also install ceramic or reflective window films, allowing you to enjoy the natural light while reducing heat and harmful UV rays coming into your home. And now is the perfect time to check your air conditioning unit before it gets too hot. Replace filters and thoroughly clean and test the unit to ensure it is in proper working order when you need it most.

Create a Summer-Esque Ambiance  

Embrace the season and nature by adding plants or flowers to your living spaces. From lush greenery to vibrant blooms, summer foliage can add a pop of color and life to your décor. Better yet, the flora can set the tone for a relaxed, chill vibe. While you’re at it, consider adding yellow, blue and green summer hues to your interior design through seasonal pillows, rugs or artwork to uplift the mood of any room.

Repel Seasonal Bugs

Summer pests can quickly become unwelcome guests inside your home. These sneaky critters have a knack for finding their way in, but you can keep them out by sealing any cracks or gaps around doors and windows by caulking or weatherstripping openings. Also, you could invest in some window screens to allow the summer breeze to flow indoors while keeping the bugs out. And for your summer outdoor relaxation or gatherings, citronella candles or torches can help repel mosquitoes and other insects while adding a cozy ambiance.

With some elbow grease and a splash of creativity, you’ll have your home primed for the summer season so you can kick back, invite friends over, crank up the grill and let the good times roll.


Source: Summer Home Prep Made Easy by Jennifer McGuire